My Billionaire Baby aims to become a successful platform with a wide range of baby designer wear from shoes to strollers to wedding wear. 
Offering new & exciting offers everyday with impressive sale price drops of up to a staggering 60% off, ahead of our competitors! 

Up to 100 different unique brands to choose from and a catalog of brands/ wear updated everyday.

We aim to give back, a platform that grows based on the the generosity of what a small amount of spare profit loss can do for the world, giving back to charities all around the globe is the future we see best for mybillionairebaby. 

At My Billionaire Baby we love what we do, You will find, at different times our CEOS, Directors and Buyers all get involved to message customers direct, because it makes us happy to see our customers happy. 

We have a dream, best kept a ever striving goal to be the most loved childrens shop in the world.